About us

Surfr is the platform where people can leave comments about any web page. And it's not just yet another social platform, it's the platform that integrates with the web, right where you want it to be.

Elisa Achim

Prior to starting Surfr, Elisa worked in a Romanian outsourcing company as a junior software engineer to earn a living ($500 a month - you may find that low but its actually double the income of her mothers full time job (no, she never programmed in Lisp)). Elisa holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj and enjoys attending master classes at the same place in her spare time (in case this project fails and she needs a job again, because dropping out of university and working in your parents garage sounds fancy, but her parents dont have a garage).

Contact me through the Surfr side panel by leaving a comment, or old style: eli...@surfr.co


Ryan Shaw, Illustrator
Creator of the Surfy and Ducky characters. Check out his Facebook fan page or hire him on his business page
Mr. Goodfellow, Voice
Speaker of the voice overs in our video. Check out his Fiverr offerings or get him to do a voice over.