Surfr for Google Chrome

Install Surfr app for Google Chrome

How to install it

This installation works as smooth as it should be: Click the install button to get it from the chrome web store, follow the instructions, and the Surfr button appears in your browser. No browser restart needed.
Note that on the first tab after installation the browser button won't do anything. You need to either reload the page, or navigate to another tab.

How the app works

1. Surf to a website.
2. Click the orange Surfr button.
3. The side panel opens, right there.

How to update it

That's done automatically for you. From time to time Chrome checks for updates and installs them automatically. Even without restarting the browser. Awesome.

How to remove it

Just right-click the Surfr button and click select "Remove from Chrome".


Run into problems? Have suggestions? Say it using Surfr! If all is fine then it would be nice if you could leave a positive review on the chrome web store page.