Surfr for Safari

Install Surfr app for Safari

Current version: Surfr 0.1

How to install it

This installation works as smooth as it should be: Click the install button, follow the instructions, and the Surfr button appears in your browser. No browser restart needed.<br>Note that on the first tab after installation the browser button wont do anything. You need to either reload the page, or navigate to another tab.

How the app works

1. Surf to a website.
2. Click the orange Surfr button.
2. Click the orange Surfr button.

Note: the button is always black in Safari ... for design reasons Apple doesnt allow colors.

How to update it

Manually. Come to this page and check if a new version is available. In the future it will be automatic.

How to remove it

Click the menu button (top right of Safari, the round wheel thing). Choose Preferences..., then go to the Extensions tab. Click the Uninstall button for Surfr.


Run into problems? Have suggestions? Say it using Surfr!