How Surfr Works

How to access Surfr

Using a browser app

This is the best way of using Surfr.

1. Install the app for your browser
2. Click the Surfr button.
3. The side panel opens, right there.


In case you don't have the browser app installed, or would like to send a direct link to someone who does not have it, use

1. Surf to
2. Type or paste the web address.
3. The web page loads on the left, the Surfr panel on the right.

How it works behind the scenes

Magic, pure magic.

The users karma system

Just like in real life, people gain their reputation in a field based on their contributions and statements. Saying things that others find correct or useful improves the karma, no matter if the posts are purely positive or constructive criticism.

So there are superusers with immense power, and if they downvote a business for unfair reason the business is doomed?

No. Reputation is lost as it was gained.

The sites and pages reputation

The pages are rated by the users. This is useful information, but in the end it's still up to the reader which information he trusts. User comments fade away as new ones appear, or stick for longer if they are voted up.

What can a business do when they have a bad reputation and negative comments? Can they have them deleted?

The reputation changes with the business. Take for example a local bakery. Maybe they get negative comments because they sell yesterday's croissants in the morning, and offer previously frozen bread without labeling it as such. They can't have the comments removed, but they can change their business model. And when that happens, Surfr achieved its main goal which is no less than making the world a better place ;-)